• Several issues and missing features prevent me from using it in production, and it isn’t yet a substitute for the most common page builder features, but it looks very promising!

    Had to revise rating after discovering that Editor Plus does not make all options universally available. It does not add any options to blocks added by other plugins. I’ve never built a site that needs all the features E+ adds that only uses core blocks. And even when it comes to core blocks, not all features are necessarily present. For example, there are no typography options for blockquotes.

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    Hey @swinggraphics

    I feel the rating doesn’t makes sense, but it’s fine. Just to make it clear.

    1. It is nowhere mentioned that the plugin extends all block. Clearly mentioned that it extends core editor and core blocks. Now there are several reasons on why not.

    2. What you see as “missing features” are actually not missing but you can say not available yet or in consideration or doesn’t makes sense to add (depends on what features, as you have not provided a list here in this review).

    Anyway, This is a new plugin and I’ve been trying to develop it based on the users feedback and my own experience and research.

    A feedback would makes sense specifically based on what the plugin offers and if it is doing what it advertised or not. But, maybe that’s my understand of “feedback/review”.

    That said, your comments/feedback that you are providing are being noted.

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    To me, a plugin’s rating needs to be based on its usefulness as well as code quality. As it stands, I do not find the plugin useful because of its limitations. I actually find it frustrating. Like, I want to change the text color a blockquote, but can’t do it the same way as other blocks (and a non-coding admin/editor/author would not be able to at all) because that option has been specifically removed. After running into enough inconsistencies, I have to look for another way to solve the need. Don’t want to be looking around in multiple places to figure out where something has been set.

    Clearly mentioned that it extends core editor and core blocks.


    This is the summary description: “Editor Plus extends Gutenberg editor with block, advanced design controls, typography, icons, Shape Divider, animations and many more features.”

    And these are the only mentions of “core” in the full description:

    • “The custom CSS code box will be available for all Gutenberg core blocks…”
    • “We feel that and have added a bunch of useful blocks that are missing in the core.”
    • “Editor Plus provides the easiest way to create a custom WordPress block visually without any custom coding skills required. Build a block inside Gutenberg editor using core blocks + Editor Plus!”

    I fully expected the options to be available for all blocks.

    I will raise it to 3 if you clarify that the plugin is for core blocks only. A few things would need to be fixed for 4:

    • hover styles need to apply to focus (basic accessibility)
    • font weight needs proper options
    • position: relative should not be applied needlessly
    • column gap needs to be compatible with Safari
    • color palette needs to use the same one as Gutenberg

    5 stars if those issues are resolved and there is the option to enable E+ for all blocks universally, or if there were a filter that allows us to enter the names of blocks to enable E+ on.

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