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  • The more I work with this theme, the more I like it. First, it is fully responsive, meaning it will adapt to different viewport sizes, making your site as easy to read on a mobile device as well as a full sized monitor.

    Second, it is a very powerful theme in terms of the ability to customize it to whatever look you desire. One sidebar, two, three, it doesn’t matter, you can create as many as you’d like. You can create widget areas in the header and footer if you’d like, just with a function call.

    There is a virtual file system in place that stores your .php and .css options in a database table, rather than an actual physical file. To take advantage of the customization features, you should read, then re-read the documentation on the options page regarding the use of the main templates, sub-templates, and CSS virtual files. It is very helpful if you understand CSS (which you should anyway if you’re going to be designing web pages). You don’t need any hard-core PHP knowledge, just enough to be able to code a function call. The main advantage of the virtual file system is that whenever the theme gets upgraded, you don’t have to worry about any of your changes being lost because your changes won’t get overwritten like they would with any other theme upgrade.

    If you’re interested in seeing some sample sites created with the Montezuma theme, visit their showing off thread in their support forum.

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