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  • Support for paid service is very poor.
    Opened a support request to investigate a possible malware infection that the system detected. It has been closed to 18 hours and still no one followed up on the support ticket or gave me an update.

    Considering that I am paying $ 299.99 for the Website Security Platform – Professional – plan, i cant even begin to imagine how useless the support would be for the free plugin.

    My advise after using this for the 2nd year, is to look for an alternative

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  • I apologize for the mistreatment of your case.

    Please let me know if you still need help with your ticket(s), I will pass them along to the correct people so they can take immediate care of your website(s). The company has a good reputation regarding the treatment of their customers, it concerns me when a case is not handled correctly. Please tell me if there is anything I can do to help resolve the problem.

    If you prefer to contact Sucuri directly, you can do so via e-amil at or you can give them a call at +1–888–873–0817 . I can also talk directly to their Security Analysts if you would like me to help in the process.

    Thank you for the review.

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    Ticket ID: 15395155761103
    Opened 18 hours ago

    Thank you, I will contact the correct person right now.

    EDIT: I’ve contacted one of the Security Analysts in the Remediation Team. They will take care of the in the following minutes. Please don’t hesitate to contact me again if you need more assistance with your case. I hope it gets resolved soon.

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    Well 1 hour and 26 min has gone past, since you said “They will take care of the in the following minutes”

    And still no one updated my ticket since 19 hours.
    No one acknowledged my responses or the screenshot and additional info i submitted.

    Maybe it will be better to get help from somewhere else, because Sucuri does not seem to care much for customer support or in resolving issues promptly.

    Maybe i should post screenshots here so other users can see how Suciri handles important issues

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    I’ve contacted a different Security Analyst.

    It’s already midnight where I am, I’ll take some rest now.

    I hope one of the analysts with the night-shift can take your case.

    I will follow in the morning when I wake up again.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    In the meantime reviews like this one, are growing –

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    Finally someone responded to my ticket

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    Worst darn support ever, takes forever to get anything done !!!!!

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    PLEASE I need urgent eyes on :Ticket ID:15395155761103


    I see that this ticket is already being worked on.

    The quickest way to reach our team for an status check is via the chat help on the website or by calling. This forum is monitored less often since it’s meant for questions about our free WP plugin that are typically not as urgent.

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    Yes thank you after half a day the ticket was responded to

    I did try and call support about 6 times but everytime it said all operators are busy, and there was no option to leave a message.
    I did try Live chat support but that also was offline.

    Seems Sucuri only operate during USA business hours and the rest of the world dont have support outside usa business hours – Sadly my time zone in Thailand is GMT+7

    I later been told the following

    Chat is available Monday – Friday 6AM to 10PM Pacific Time.

    Phone support is available Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM Pacific Time and is typically only outbound.

    Tickets are monitored 24/7 and worked in the order they are received and based on the turnaround time of the plan.

    If you need assistance outside of regular chat hours, open or update a ticket.


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    Again waited more than 27 hours for a malware removal request.
    Worst security service provider i ever dealt with.
    They are totally understaffed


    Went and cancelled my Pro plan subscription with Sucuri.

    Moved to new service with much faster support and better service at reduced price – contact me if you want the name of the Sucuri alternative

    @royalmicer thank you for your feedback.

    The company will surely take your case as an example to improve.

    Just a reminder that this forum is used to provide support only for the Sucuri WordPress plugin, which is a completely different product. People who have a paying subscription with Sucuri must contact the company through the ticket system here [1] or by sending an email to

    It is also worth to say that every infection is different, and while your case couldn’t be handled in one day, there are several hundred cases that are handled in just a couple of minutes either by the automated system or through the remediation team. Your case is part of a small list of rare exceptions.

    I apologize for not being able to help you on time.


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    The plugin is the same company, same support, the firewall plugs into the Plugin as an extension

    Your post is just an attempt to distort the reality that your service is poor and now you trying to steer the attention away from the original complaint

    Totally agree about every infection is different, but my issue was not with Sucuri’s ability to fix the infection — If you read my post, you will see my issue was with the fact that i was promised 6 hour response times with the Pro plan, but in reality i had to wait more than 24 hours for some responses. Even the initial request when it was past to malware removal department took about 24 hours to respond to and then subsequent responses was all over 12 hours.

    If you want i can post screen shots of the ticket response times so all can see what i am talking about.

    Support admitted in the ticket they have a mayor staff shortage due to increase new malware signature, and they are hiring people to hopefully see if they can cope.

    If anyone is looking for a reliable alternative to Sucuri, [moderated]

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    @royalmicer, I’m closing this because it seems as though you’re using this review to gain leverage over support.

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