• I initially thought my problems were all over when I found this plugin. I desperately needed something that would help me populate my Zoho CRM data from WordPress which was taking up far too much of my time.

    However, things didn’t go right straight away with the paid version of this plugin.

    I’ve emailed the developer with the list below which has been ignored completely by them.

    The Account name in Zoho is simply the first name of the user in WordPress duplicated. So one account name in my listings is Nicki NIcki.

    Where a billing and shipping address is entered into WordPress only the billing address details are taken to Zoho.

    Perhaps the amateur nature of this software is best demonstrated in the next bug. In the fields mapping section for the Country field the only choices to map to are Shipping Company or Billing Company. What??

    The extensive mapping feature of this plugin extend to giving you two choices for most fields, either Shipping Detail or Billing detail. For example for the Street field, you may map to either Shipping Street or Billing Street. If you have both then tough, you’re going to lose one. There are no custom fields available.

    Overall this product is worse then useless as you end up with incorrect information in Zoho which I suggest is much worse than having no information at all.

    A disappointed user when this product could have been so good.

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