• Dont waste your time. I lost over 100 subscribers because this plugin was installed, tested, and working fine. The site went public, and a few days in the plugin just stopped working.

    Support is there, but poor. We’re several days in, and no further forward. All I’m getting is told what I see on my screen isnt actually there. The guys seems to get very stroppy when told his plugin has problems. Its bordering on aggressive.

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  • Thanks for the review and the feedback – we are sorry to hear you think the support is poor, we try very hard to support the plugin, for free, with responses to posts usually made within 24 hours.

    Sadly we have fallen short of the standards we would hope to deliver and that’s something we will reflect on. I can assure you we always endeavour not to appear ‘stroppy’ or ‘aggressive’ and I’m sorry that you feel that is how the support replies came across, but I will read them back again to see how things can be improved.


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