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  • This is one of the nicest treeview menu’s I’ve used for WordPress. I love the ability to expand page parents instantly without any redraw.

    I was even going to customize the treeview icons to match my theme, but then I realized that whenever a new child page (or any page) is selected, the whole menu seems to redraw. The place where it was is blank for a few seconds, even after the page is drawn already, and then finally comes into view. This “flashing” behaviour is quite distracting.

    How much would it cost to fix it? (or is it being caused by my theme?). I’m using the Amazing Grace theme, by Vladimir Prelovak. It’s a fine theme otherwise, so I don’t expect this is the problem.

    The other menu’s I have tried do not act this way (FlexiPages, FoldedPages), but have no noticable re-draw of the whole menu.

    It would also be nice if there was an option to have a parent expand whenever it was clicked. Some people may not realize that you have to click the little “+” sign to get the section to open.

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  • Just wanted to add that the problem is much less noticable when I only have one menu on the page (I was testing it alongside the flexipages widget.

    However, it still does a visible “clear-all” and redraw every 5 or 6 clicks. It’s tolerable and I’ll probably continue to use it because of it’s suitability for my site, but it would be nice to see it work a bit more smoothly.

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