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  • Resolved clickmac


    plugin breaks alot of things in new wordpress, unstable alot.

    admin bar is hidden from admin even if he/she turns it on/off, – which should never be an option.

    slows down website

    not compatible with bbpress

    but i must say, the features are awesome….please update plugin……it beats alot of other plugins…..

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  • Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Where you see, that the plugin breaks in the last stable version of WP? Many users use the plugin, also use on the current dev version of WP. No issues about problems. Give me hints and useful feedback, maybe I can help.

    The option of admin bar is beta, it was a hint for this. The problem is the difference form frontend and backend, change the admin bar items.

    Slow down, where and how you hive check this?

    bbPress is a plugin, not a part of the default in WP and currently not supported from Adminimize.

    Hi Frank, not sure if clickmac was having the same problem that I had with the latest bbPress but the solution was simple.

    The new bbPress has changed the way its roles work and it conflicts with the way Adminimize works. bbPress has had the intention of making their roles dynamic and segregated from WP overall. Which I completely agree with.

    The conflict is simple really, let’s say if someone has a WP role which is equal to an Administrator but should be a Moderator on the forums, Adminimize changes for that WP role work fine (as long as you don’t make changes to the bbPress role).

    If someone has a WP role which is equal to an Administrator but has a bbPress Keymaster role they suddenly have access to WP like they are Administrators – so changes made in Adminimize are completely ignored.

    The solution is simple. Just exclude the bbPress roles from Adminimize in the following functions: _mw_adminimize_get_all_user_roles() and _mw_adminimize_get_all_user_roles_names().

    The code was placed before the return of the array:

    $user_roles_names = array_diff($user_roles_names, array("Keymaster", "Moderator", "Participant", "Spectator", "Blocked"));


    $user_roles = array_diff($user_roles, array("bbp_keymaster", "bbp_moderator", "bbp_participant", "bbp_spectator", "bbp_blocked"));

    Adminimize does not need to do anything with those roles at all.

    Mind you I have not done full testing on this just yet but so far it works.

    Hope it helps.

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    Thanks for this hints, very useful information about bbPress.
    I have inlcude this solution in the current version and release it today.

    No worries I’m glad that I can help. I haven’t yet seen any further problems. If anything comes up I’ll let you know.

    yes thank you @george.n

    and @frank Bültge sorry for not making myself clear, i probably was multi-tasking. this is really a great plugin and works very well!!!! 🙂


    Sorry. Posted to wrong thread. Reposting to new thread.

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