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    I have been using ExportFeed Pro plugin for a few weeks now and I have to say that plugin does work well and Customer Support staff is very friendly and helpful. I have around 2500 products that are all unique (no variations) and I needed to upload most of them into Etsy from my Woo Commerce Store. As many know, Etsy is picky and they want their rules strictly followed. Even though they say you can upload unlimited number if listings to Etsy daily- it’s not really true. There is an API upload limit set by Etsy and you can upload a few hundred (around 300 give or take) in any 24 hour period. For some people it’s more than enough, but for me with my 2500 listings- I needed more than a week to do that. I’ve encountered a few glitches on the way and had to ask for help and ExportFeed Support staff responded promptly each time. They did everything they could to help and make me happy. Not everything is up to them- you have to realize that. Companies like Etsy are very strict and want things done a certain way. Some small business owners do not understand that and at times want everything done right away, and then in case anything goes wrong or not to their liking- they blame plugin people. I have to admit, I felt like that a few times but I quickly caught myself doing just that and did my best to drop these emotions. Plugin works well. As long as you follow instructions properly and stay within a certain quantity of listings uploaded every 24 hours- you will get it done with the help of these guys. Listings get mapped properly (as long as you have your shop set up with listing categories before you start uploading). Listings end up as “draft” in your Etsy shop and then you can adjust prices, set them on automatic renewal or reniew manually, set or apply your return policies, edit them, etc and publish. Again, some patience is required if you have a lot of listings like me but ExportFeed guys are there for you. They are very responsive, professional and will do their best to help resolve any and all your issues (within their power of course:) . Overall- great plugin and nice people to work with! I have just inquired if these guys have other such plugins (e.g. Google, Facebook, etc). If they do- I will buy from them as well! Thank you so much!!!

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