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  • Hello,
    some of our websites run very slow with Chrome.
    Performance with the other browsers is ok, with Chrome everything takes forever to load.
    Any suggestion to investigate and fix this behavior?

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  • First and foremost, besides making sure WordPress is up-to-date (i.e., version 4.5), I would temporarily disable ALL plugins and switch back to the default Twenty Sixteen theme then retest in Chrome and other browsers.

    Plus, when you say “some of our websites run very slow with Chrome” I am wondering what those websites might share in common compared to your websites that don’t reproduce the issue.

    And speaking of the issue, “websites run very slow with Chrome”, how are you defining “run very slow”? That is, what tool(s) are you using to test the performance? Note that the Pingdom folks have a nifty test tool you can quickly test your various sites with. Their tool can be found here

    Oh, and as for Chrome, have you wiped its cache and tried it on more than one computer and operating system? Moreover, what other browsers have you tested with? Were they on the same computer(s) that Chrome was on?

    1st thing done: same issue.

    We have a basic set of plugins common on all the websites we run: basically there are some security plugins, some SEO stuff and so on. But the problems occurs even with all the plugins switched off.

    I say “some” because I couldn’t test them all, but I suspect that they are ALL.

    We are using various loading time monitors from many locations around the world. Plus, I’m seeing the loading time in Google Analytics as well: people who use Chrome generate higher bounce rate.

    I don’t think it’s a client-side issue.


    So all your sites tested are able to reproduce this issue, right? Moreover, you were able to reproduce this issue with ALL your plugins disabled AND the default Twenty Sixteen (or at least one of the default Twenty series) theme, right? And, you have updated at least one of your tested sites to version 4.5, right?

    Plus, what it sounds like to me, your Chrome tests have been performed by many people on many different computers, right?

    So, basically, you’re saying Google’s Chrome browser is running slower than other browsers when one goes to a default WordPress site, right? Yikes!

    Can you give us the URL of one of your sites to try ourselves? Moreover, what other browsers have you tested with AND what was the difference in performance noted?

    P.S., I am guessing your specific tests have been performed using the latest browser versions, right?

    Latest versions, right.

    Try with

    Thank you.

    I tested using both Mac Chrome 50.0.2661.86 (64-bit) and Mac Firefox 45.0.2. Both seemed about the same speed-wise just from a casual observance. So I employed both browsers’ Web Developer Tools > Network tools. Here are my results:

    Steps taken:
    1. Wipe browser cache
    2. Go to
    3. Employ Developer Tools > Network
    4. Reload page per test

    Mac Firefox 45.0.2:
    1. 227 requests | 6,095.31 KB | 25.62s
    2. 228 requests | 6,093.50 KB | 19.80s
    3. 178 requests | 5,679.91 KB | 12.58s

    Mac Chrome 50.0.2661.86 (64-bit):
    1. 173 requests | 589 KB | 11.13s
    2. 189 requests | 500 KB | 14.28s
    3. 186 requests | 476 KB | 10.51s

    Note the size difference between the two browsers’ reported data transferred (e.g., 6,095.31 KB vs 589 KB). I’m not quite sure what’s up with that! 😉

    All in all I really didn’t see much of a difference at all. Is there a particular set of steps that can better highlight the issue???

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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