• Honestly is a good plugin while it works, it can translate an entire site no matter how big (unlike other similar plugins which make you pay according to how many words are translated etc) It can translate menus and all.

    The bad part is when it breaks, the developers will basically tell you they have no idea why it’s broken and ask you to figure it out yourself.

    I paid for the premium version of this plugin as well, which would make you believe they would take a little more effort in helping. Wrong! Because it is a one time payment and not a subscription, they no longer care for you as a customer.

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  • Plugin Author Prisna



    By checking our records, there’s one account that matches your handle (realact), so it’s most likely you.

    You purchased a license on 16 May 2019, and we have a total of 24 (twenty four) emails conversations. The last message you sent was on 18 June 2021, and it was replied in less than an hour. It was an issue related to a cdn/cache plugin.

    We provided you support even after 2 years from your one time payment. If you check the Support Threads here, we reply and help everybody, regardless of the plugin people are using, whether it’s the free plugin or the premium one.

    If you’re facing an issue with the plugin, the best is to contact support and provide the relevant details so we can take a look to solve it and help you, as we always do.


    Thread Starter Eli


    Perhaps 24 e-mails of back and forth with no real help to resolve the issue I encountered with the plugin. Last time I requested support (a few months ago) I was basically told you had no idea what was causing the issue and that was about it.

    Do you want me to post your reply here for all to see? Please do not imply I’m lying because I can prove you wrong.

    And yes, you should still attempt to help even after two years, because that’s the way you sell your software, right? Was I not supposed to request support after 2 years?

    To be fair you did help me once that I can remember when your plugin’s configuration interface wouldn’t even load after some changes made by WordPress, (Which you later on fixed by updating and fixing your plugin) but that’s about the only time I remember you really helping.

    Sadly, at this point I had to remove your plugin anyway because the issue was never fixed, and it breaks my website bad.

    Best regards.

    Plugin Author Prisna


    If you think posting our emails will help in any away, please go ahead. However, you did make a strong claim “the developers will basically tell you they have no idea why it’s broken and ask you to figure it out yourself”, please post this email as well.

    Things must have worked fine, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense someone using a plugin for over 2 years.

    The last email you sent was replied in less than an hour, it wasn’t a canned email with a generic response, it was specifically written addressing your issue. And since the issue was created by a cache plugin, we went the extra mile and provided you with the technical information needed to contact their support service and get it sorted out.

    We always provide support for our plugins, paid or free. When the issue is not caused by our plugin, when it’s something out of our hands, we provide as much information as possible so that the client can contact the 3rd party provider and have the problem solved.


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