• They have very limited payment gateways outside US. And the worse thing is they don’t let you add payment gateway through their API even though they acknowledge that they will NOT WORK on it soon. Here’s the recent answer from their Facebook group:

    Only our team has the ability to add payment gateways. It is not possible for anyone else to add them. Just to set clear expectations, we’re not likely to add new gateways like this very soon…”

    This is quite the opposite of the claim on their website which says: “The Ultimate Developer-Friendly Checkout Builder”

    So if your payment gateway is not included in their list of integrations, good luck!

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  • Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    We have a very sophisticated payment system which is why we are able to offer features you can’t get elsewhere such as:

    • Subscriptions plans
    • Installment plans
    • Free/paid trials
    • Setup fees, or setup discounts

    See this video on the 7 different ways you can price your products.

    We also have advanced subscription management features for:

    • Managing failed payments
    • Managing upgrades or downgrades
    • Managing subscription price changes
    • Managing cancellation prevention
    • Managing payment reminders, a legal requirement
    • Managing changing payment methods
    • Managing invoice requirements

    SureCart currently supports payment processing via Stripe, PayPal, and Mollie with support for 135+ currencies, 45+ countries, and dozens of payment methods including cards, wallets, bank debits, and more.

    The fact is, most local payment gateways are not able to fit into our feature set. They are not capable.

    We have considered adding some for simply one-time payments, but then it complicates how we communicate what SureCart offers because some gateways would have every feature available and some would have limited features. This would likely lead to more reviews like this.




    I noticed my recent query in the SureCart Facebook group was mentioned here. I want to clarify that while I also expressed the need for more payment gateway options, the SureCart team did respond with their current capabilities and future planning. Although it’s indeed frustrating when specific needs aren’t met immediately, I found their response to be upfront about the current limitations and future possibilities. They also provided a link to their feature requests board, which can be used to suggest and vote on new features, including payment gateway integrations. If Stripe, and other payments are available option in your region, it might serve as a viable alternative in the meantime. This could be a constructive way to let the SureCart team know what we as users are looking for.

    Thank you for sharing your concerns, and I hope we can both see our desired features integrated in the future.

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    Hi Adam. Thank you very much for the response. I really appreciate all the work and dedication that you and your team are putting into Surecart, especially in innovating and simplifying the checkout system.

    I just wished you’d let us integrate local payment gateways via your API, especially if you are not working on them.

    The fact of the matter is, no matter how sophisticated Surecart’s payment system is and how mouthwatering the functionalities are, it’s NOT SO USEFUL for some of us if we don’t have the local payment gateway integrated.

    If it’s just really about the limitations of some payment gateways, let us discover it ourselves when we integrate. That way, we can attest that it’s not the limitation of Surecart but rather the limitation of the payment gateway that we are integrating with. And in the process, perhaps we can work with our local payment gateway to make it available (since we are closer to the local payment gateway).

    I believe that’s how we can improve the whole network effect of Surecart, rather than the all-or-nothing approach. It is unlikely that you will receive a bad review on this because it really is the limitation of the payment gateway and we’ve discovered it ourselves, rather than not allowing access altogether.

    Just to reiterate, some of us are happy to use Surecart for one-time payment (and don’t need the other sophisticated features like the advanced subscription management features), so please allow us to integrate the local payment gateway and ENJOY SURECART.

    It’s unfortunate to think that because of Surecart’s payment sophistication, it’s now limited to those payment integrations that you have and we are unable to enjoy the awesome functionalities that you and your team made. Hope you can reconsider this. Thank you again.



    I’m a happy customer and rate SureCart 5 of 5 stars (see the review section) so when I see a one star review I’m obviously curious to see what it’s all about.

    As I read this review I can see that you wish for a very specific functionality and more freedom of use regarding SureCarts API….

    Surecart support has given you a clear answer, which you included in your review, regarding their plans and you are not happy about that, I get it.

    Still… Not sure if bashing the software with a 1 star review is motivated since you do not even seem to be using it?

    My experience, as a paying customer, is that Surecart is a very solid plattform. I’ve integrated with Stripe, Klarna, Swish, Link, Apple Pay and Google Pay… and there are tons more to choose from.

    Normally I do not comment on these types of posts, but when I see someone dropping a 1 star review for attention on a product I use and really like…. Well, that’s not cool in my opinion.

    Hope you find another plugin that works for the use case you are looking for.

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