• BigCommerce For WordPress offers an easy, straightforward way to create a new channel for your BigCommerce store. Setup was a breeze, it syncs all your products, and if you’re comfortable with CSS and WordPress themes, it’s even possible to customize the shopping experience.

    Just be aware, however, that the plugin provides absolutely no data whatsoever to your channels. So you’re not going to see visits, conversions, orders, or revenue. Everything in your new channel shows up as zero. And, according to BigCommerce support, it’s supposed to work that way.

    This is extra frustrating if your checkouts are done on BigCommerce directly, which is one of the easier way to set the plugin up. Because you’re not going to see any add to carts, or abandoned carts. You only see the sales that come through — and again, they don’t show up in the store channel. So you never really get a good look at where the sales are coming from.

    But if you just want an easy way to create a new channel for your store, and don’t mind that you can’t see where your sales are coming from (or even which sales you’re losing), then this plugin might be for you.

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