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  • diarmani


    I tried another highly recommended bulk post editor that failed miserably before trying this plugin.

    I was extremely impressed with how well it worked.

    The only problem I had, and this could be site-specific, is that the date format must be in ‘yyyy/mm/dd’. The sample file showed ‘’ but that set the date of all imported posts to today. Easy fix and, as I said, it may be a site-specific issue, I don’t know.

    The plugin did exactly what I needed, so am very grateful. The thought of adding over 100 posts by hand made me want to reach for a rusty spoon to gouge out my eyes. 😉

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  • Sorry, I need to ask … did you work with WPAI? Because I checked the demo of Easy Drag and drop AI and they look so much a like. It’s like a copy, just not sure who copied from whom. However, WPAI is very cumbersome to work with and has a high learning curve for advanced use cases – not sure about Easy Drag and Drop All Import in comparison

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    @markussss We can assure you that the plugin we offer stands out from the rest in this field.
    Based on your comment, we can infer that you didn’t have an opportunity to use the plugin to its full potential, Since you’ve asked I’ll share the Standout features that make WPAI stand out, Please make use of the link –

    I think there is a naming confusion 🤦

    I was referring with WPAI to another plugin. Didn’t know that’s the abbreviation for your product as well.

    I didn’t purchase your plugin yet, as I actually have already such a plugin from the competitor. However, I was interested in looking into it as I have quite a few issues there, I hope I won’t have with your plugin.

    Sorry, was not my plan to hijack this thread. I’ll get to you directly with some questions I might have

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    @markussss You can try your use case on our Demo server if you want –

    Already on it 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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