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  • Been trying out numerous plugins for this functionality for many years now, and this is the first one that offers such a comprehensive set of features without strings attached. Some customisations to the themes would be great, including integration with a mobile app for the daily prayer times and simple announcements to members of the community.

    Other than that, I am totally impressed with what is available. One final note though, it would be great if there was basic integration with one of the existing prayer times generators that generate the calculated times for your area so that the csv template needed for this can be auto-populated with that output. Populating the prayer times, especially where we’d like to indicate the calculated start time versus the Adhaan time in the masjid is quite a task.

    Jazaakumullahu Khair for all the effort so far.

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  • Plugin Author mmrs151


    Jazakallah khair for you sweet words.

    So the features you are talking about are:

    – Using prayer time generator for the csv upload?
    – this will be problematic as I intend to support Muslims of all sect. Hence I am forcing that format to enter into the system and later it can be managed from the front end, whatever they want to display or hide or use.

    – I really like your idea about the announcement to the members of the community. I will ponder about that. For mobile app, I am not really interested as there are already so man and so good Alhamdulillah.

    Plugin Author mmrs151


    Assalamualaikum bro,

    Since we last spoke, I have done some significant development on the plugin. Thanks for the inspiration. Please have a look.

    However, I am still thinking about your two other suggestions:
    1. inntegration with a mobile app for the daily prayer times and
    2. Simple announcements to members of the community.

    How do you see this happening.

    If you can describe a user journey for it, may be it will easy for me to implement.


    Wa Alaykumusalaam,

    I think as a start, this is how I would like to see a mobile app experience play out:

    1. Allow me to ‘subscribe’ to updates from the local masaajid in my area. To be able to view salaah times for a masjid close to where I work, and another close to where I live, would be beneficial. Obviously with the assumption that both of them are utilising your WP plugin on their websites. So I would need to be able to list more than one mosque as a favourite on the mobile app.
    2. Depending on ease of design, you could either make the timings available offline and sync it whenever there is a data connection, or have it pull the timings only when the device is online.
    3. Each mosque listing should have a simple bulletin board type of feature that allows push messages to be sent. The push messages could possibly be linked to the daily messages you have on the plugin already. However, if I recall correctly, the current plugin only allows the allocation of a message/notice to be associated with the day of the week, and not a specific date.
    4. Ideally, the WP plugin should have a feature that does not require admin privileges but be available to site editors or authors where they could set a simple notice with a start and end date/time. Once saved, the widget and the mobile app should display that notice in the daily views for the applicable time period. A simple text format message should be good for launch of this feature.

    If possible, attach an alert notification on the mobile app to the notice if the notice is time sensitive, like a specific event taking place after Esha, or something like that.

    Some ideas for the future roadmap could include integration with a common WP calendar plugin. The one I’m using on the site is All-in-One Event Calendar. The free version has rich integration with various email provider calendars like Gmail and Hotmail, and is easily sync’d with the calendar app on my mobile device. This allows me to see any upcoming events for the masjid directly in my calendar view alongside my other personal or business appointments. I don’t think this can replace the basic notice functionality because there will be a need to push a general notice, like notification of a salaah time change, or a fund raising campaign, etc. that may not be tied to a specific date/time. Unless we find an intuitive way to integrate that type of message into the calendar as an all day event. (Sorry, just thinking out loud).

    Hope that’s useful feedback, insha-Allah.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on this.


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