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    IS VERY IMPORTANT, my dear developer, that you CHANGE THE NAMED OBJECT “.slider” inside your product (code poetry based) to any name you want, because other existing systems HAS THE SAME NAME inside, mainly in CSS. Thus, your product CHAGES ATTRIBUTES with the SAME OBJ NAME (width, position, padding and so on) — I sugest a test with the iFrame2, that have, natively, the “.slider” object (and your CSS changes its .slider width to 100%, by example).

    I sugest: “.slider_bhs” — to keep far another possibilities to conflict with other systems, now or in the future.
    No other object, like “.slider-xxxxxx” need to be renamed (I think).

    I will read your position about, here, in WordPress’ Support.

    Thanks in advance, because we know that you are our friend. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Artur Sรก Menezes
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