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  • I am a Wedding Photographer based out of lake Tahoe. I used to have a Showitfast “Drag n Drop” website. It was flash based, had a very simple slideshow and menu. It looked good, but was bad for SEO. The bounce rate was typically 15%.

    I switched over to the WordPress site and immediately saw my bounce rate raise to around 40-50%. Over the past year and a half, my work has dramatically improved, and I am getting traffic from searches for “Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographers” and other wedding photography websites, which is perfect. My average bounce rate is now in the 66% range.

    It does not make sense to me as to why my sites bounce rate is so high. My traffic is coming for relevant content, my work is good, and the site seems to load fairly fast.

    I can’t go back to the old site because I have paid a lot to get my site optimized, and i need to keep the content and url’s the same. I am only skilled enough to use a theme and customize it slightly to get the design i want.

    Can anyone please give me insight as to what the issue may be. I am considering paying a private firm to build me a website that will fix these issues.

    The website is


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  • Bounce rate is typically a percentage of single page visits – rather when the visitor presses the back button or otherwise leaves your site without interacting with it. It has nothing to do with WordPress and it’s not a WordPress problem that we can offer you help. In general, creating more and more user-friendly content as often as you can and offering something that makes your visitor stay on your site – especially that takes the visitor to another page can help.

    Learn more about Bounce Rate here:

    Hi Krishna,

    Thank you for the timely response. I do understand what bounce rate is.

    I posted this question here with my specific details because everything i find online does not answer my particular problem.

    My content is both better and greater than my previous site, yet all of my site metrics are drastically worse. My content is even more relevant to “lake tahoe wedding photography”. When i had my old site i had just moved here and just had random weddings from everywhere but tahoe. Now my portfolio is full of tahoe work, and the work is greatly improved. Even without that factor, when i jumped from my old site to the new wordpress site with the same work, my bounce rate tripled.

    Im hoping someone can look at my site and let me know if something is wrong, or can be improved, specific to my situation, and not the same cookie cutter answers online.

    My bounce rate used to be in the 15% range. Theres no reason it shouldnt be a lot closer to this now.

    Here is my site again,


    Do plugins in any way affect bounce rate?

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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