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  • I would definitely recommend this plugin to help track server resources in real time. This is especially helpful in a shared server environment. I compared the data generated by this plugin to the CPanel resource usage tool and found the plugin was very accurate.

    In response to a CPU usage problem on my shared server, I installed this plugin and the Query Monitor plugin to help determine which assets on our WP/Woocommerce site were the CPU usage hogs. Along with server logs and error logs, this plugin is a good tool. Setting the plugin to ping the server every 20000ms is a helpful tweak so the plugin itself doesn’t cause consumption problems. Real time CPU, RAM and PHP consumption data are extremely helpful when updating plugins. Catching immediate spikes after a plugin update is a great benefit.

    This plugin works with my caching plugin (Hummingbird) without a hitch, as well as my Woocommerce installation.

    Here are three wishes for a plugin update wish list:

    1. A list of the most recent 25 PHP processes in real time.
    2. A list of the top 3-4 assets consuming the most CPU over time (hour, day, month).
    3. Add the number of real time connections to the server to the plugin dashboard.

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  • Plugin Author Saumya Majumder


    Hi @adjunctadvocate,
    Thank you for your detailed review. Honestly, I would love to add the features you have mentioned but you have to understand that this plugin has been written in a generalistic way to ensure it works with all Linux servers no matter what systems are being used. But unfortunately, it is really hard to implement the things you have asked for in a generalistic manner to ensure it will work on every system. As some might be running Ubuntu or cent os or something else as their server and not all commands are gonna run on every system. I hope you understand the limitation here.

    Thanks very much for your reply. I understand your goal and thank you for providing this really helpful resource.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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