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  • My worm plugin recommendation! Why? This plugin redirects your blog posts to helping you improve your web site SEO visibility very much. Once you setup all you options you don’t need to work on this plugin, except upgrading it to new versions, when necessary. Thx Author for simplicity of the plugin as I tried some others and I thought that this will suit my need the most which I was right.

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  • Oh, come on…

    At least leave something in the way of a comment that has some content that even vaguely implies you have even the slightest bit of experience and insight as to what these plugins you’re “reviewing” actually do.

    22 plugin reviews from you in the last 60 minutes, and every one of those reads like a blog spam comment. There is not one single useful detail, or honest assessment of usage, benefits, or features, regarding ANY of the 22 plugins reviews you have left in the last hour.

    This is unfair to the plugin authors, and deceptive to anyone else seeking genuine information regarding the quality and performance of any of the plugins you’re “reviewing”. It reeks of spammer behavior.

    Hi! Sorry for qualifying these reviews as spam as that was not my intention, not a slightest. I simply was following majority of other users plugins reviews I saw on the Forum which are usually very short and I assumed this was desired behavior.

    Why 22 reviews in short period of time? I wanted to give authors support by giving good grade as all those plugins I use everyday and they are all top quality plugins.

    I also noticed that for a lot of those plugins my reviews were the first one and I was happy to contribute in that way. Some of the authors already thanked me via e-mail for this. However, as I don’t support/like any “spam” behavior anywhere, I’ll do my best to adjust/upgrade my reviews with more details hoping it will help some possible users on deciding of particular plugin usage.

    Thx again for drawing my attention on this.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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