• As my blog now has different topics and I don’t want to bother people with special interests to read all articles (and those they are not interested in) I now offer category based feeds.
    Anyhow 5 stars would be granted if there were more options to build the feeds. Like combining categories to a feed. An option to have more than just 8 customizable feeds. The option to add the customized feeds to the auto generated category feeds….

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  • Hi Yogie –

    You CAN add more than 8 customizable feeds, all you have to do is go to your “installed plugins’ tab, click “edit” at the Category – RSS widget menu, then look at the “category-rss-widget-menu/rss.php file and scroll down the list, copy the lines that have

    $rss_cat_8_name_value = get_option(‘rss-categ_8_name’);
    $rss_cat_8_link_value = get_option(‘rss-categ_8_link’);

    in them, paste those underneath and change the 8 to 9. You will need to look for 3 sets of this kind of coding. Just keep scrolling down to find them, copy the last set of coding with 8’s n them, paste it underneath and change the 8’s to 9. Then save your file. Now you will have 9 categories. If you need more, repeat above instructions.

    That’s about as fancy as I can get with coding, hope this helps. I’m still having trouble figuring out what to put in the “RSS Link” box, can you help me with that? Thanks, Beckybob


    thank you for getting back to me 🙂

    I ended up with this format to concatenate multiple categories:


    Is this what you wanted to know?


    I keep getting “page not found” ARGGGGGGH!

    I tried http://mysite.com/action-alert/elections (and several other variations) but that doesn’t get me where I want it to go

    Any idea what is wrong?

    This is the instructions: #3. Call the function from template files: <?php echo show_cat_specific_rss_menu(); ?>

    I have no idea what that means or is saying, you?

    Thanks Yogie 🙂

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