• Thank you very much for your great work! well done!

    I have some issue with the plugin and It would be great if you help me with them as soon as possible.

    first of all, I use the plugin inside Gravity form and I want the uploaded link could be saved with the form entry! I’ve tried different ways but didn’t come with the result! finally I just added the %pathfile% in the comment below when file successfully uploaded as a way to see the uploaded link but I want this path be saved some where with the form. but the link will disappears when we move to next page or next file upload!

    secondly, in wordpress dashboard > uploaded files, it doesn’t show the file path with the domain name of ftp server but it shows the direct ftp address to the file which is not wanted!

    thirdly, It would be great if the plugin asks the domain name and replace it with the ftp file address at the beginning of each file link.

    lastly, it would be fantastic if the (uploaded files)’s links and names could be exported in an xlsx or csv file from wordpress dashboard > uploaded files.

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