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  • This has worked nicely for me for a couple of years.

    But recent updates have been sending the full articles, while I wish to use excerpts as “ticklers” to bring our members onto the website and to participate in the blogger. I’ve not found a way of correcting that, so today I removed Email Users and will now reinstall a clean updated version to see if it will work for me again.

    Just maybe there with a conflict with another like plugin called (?)”Notify Users”. I’ve removed that because it had no option for using excerpts.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    What have you updated recently? This is the third similar report although the other two are related to line breaks, from long time users having problems recently.

    You mention recent updates – what all have you updated? Email Users will always use the Excerpt field if there is information in it. I am not familiar with Notify Users so have no idea if it could be conflicting.

    Dang! This reply was kinda complicated, but I got it done and then got a message that it wouldn’t send, so this is attempt #2.

    Recent changes/upgrades were largely to WP 4.0 and Wordfence^^^. I don’t use a lotta plugins because WordPress seems not to ever clean out it’s 30,000 store of some good and mostly bad, and I don’t have time to sort thru all the gibberish. The one suspect in this was the plugin “Notify Users E-Mail”, added when “Email Users” suddenly got this glitch. When that didn’t suit me, I deactivated and removed it.

    In our Post/Edit mode we see your link “Notify Users About this Post”, and upon entering that, we see the item “Preview” which now shows the entire article rather than the desired Excerpt. I can’t find a way of changing that to just the Excerpt. I did try changing that page to Default but that fixed nothing, so maybe the Default needs to be changed or otherwise edited?

    Mike, you do seem to be on top of your plugin, which has worked nicely for us until this. Hopefully you can advise me how to fix it?

    thank you!

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Sorry for the delayed response, I haven’t had many cycles to look into this, works has been crazy busy lately. I am looking into this and it looks like there is indeed a problem with the Excerpt so I am going to try and fix it this morning while I have some time.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    I have found and fixed the Excerpt bug. I suspect it has been there for quite some time. If you want to validate the fix, I have a beta build available for download on my web site. I will likely push this out as an update in a day or two.

    Sounds good to me.
    But, I downloaded the beta and unzipped it, but somehow installing the beta using File Manager didn’t work to upload, so can’t help with the verify.
    I’ll just wait for your upgrade, thanks!

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Did you delete the existing plugin before you tried to upload the beta? I am pretty sure you have to do that when doing a manual plugin install using the File Upload of a zip file.

    No, I didn’t delete the plugin Email Users, but I did make a backup fileset “just in case”. It’s located in a new folder under Email Users. I figured it was probably unnecessary, as if there was some problem I could easily just restore the existing plugin. So emptying the folder sounds just fine or…

    I have never uploaded a zip file so I don’t know if/how that might work — it sounds like uploading the zip may be the better way?

    Anyway, as you can tell, I’m old and obsolete now. I’ve not uploaded anything much (ftp) for years now since I stopped using Frontpage in favor of using WordPress (for the blogging) altho all my older frontpage stuff remains and some of those remain relevant to my current WordPress webs and thus are linked within WordPress.

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    If you simply rename the folder using FTP, make sure you deactivate the current plugin before you do so. Otherwise you’ll end up with two copies of the plugin active and it can be hard to tell which one is the “new” one. There is nothing wrong with a standard FTP upload, I do it all of the time but many people have no idea what I am talking about. When I do a manual FTP upload, I simply drop the new copy of the plugin files on top of the old one.

    Deleting the existing plugin and uploading the zip through the WordPress Dashboard interface is far easier and more reliable but I understand the concern about breaking things.

    okay I’ve done the uninstall and will proceed to stumble ahead, thanks!

    update – Mike, I simply can’t get past the fumbling trying to get the beta installed. Surely it’s part me, but it’s also Win8.1, new to me and just plain awful.
    So I can’t verify the beta, will just wait for the update. Thank you

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