• Very good plugin. Works good. Saved me a ton of time. Shipping prices is VERY competitive. Highly recommended!

    My products have weight and dimensions. The plugin auto detects it and calculates the shipping automatically. Has different rates for different shipping speed, depending on what the Customer wants.

    When you set up this plugin, you can request for a free testing account from Smartsend. They’ll reply back to you within a day as in my situation with your testing account login. Once you’ve set it up, it will work.

    Once you’re happy with the plugin, ask for a real live account. They set it up for you free. You just have to prepay your account. You do this when you’ve made a sale. In my case, I had to prepaid $100 as a minimum, which is fine with me. You just top up your account when you need to.

    If you need support from them, they answer very fast. Great service, great people.

    You’ll need to ignore the plugin being updated long time ago. It’s a working plugin, that’s why it’s not being updated, as it’s already working.

    Good luck to you.

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