• This plugin is a very good addition to the already very good and high-quality ACF.

    I was a long time user of Caldera Forms, which never was good (very poor quality). As developer, I often had to customize forms… this always was a struggle with Caldera Forms, but worked…

    And lately a user of its successor Ninja Forms (Pro)… Unfortunately, Ninja Forms doesn’t stand to its advertising… support, quality..

    Because of the general very high quality of ACF I always wanted to switch to ACF based forms, but hesitated because of ACF itself. (I’m a long term user of ACF pro too and using it in nearly every project).

    The problem with ACF is its quite “end user unfriendly” and very technical UI…

    But after another frustrating project using Ninja Forms, I bit the bullet and switched to Advanced Forms (Pro) and Advanced Custom Fields Pro.

    And I only regret not to have done this earlier. The pros just outweigh the cons multiple times…

    (To admit: I currently only use it in projects where the end user has not to work with the forms directly. This might be a problem in the future, but maybe not.)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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