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  • I work on a website based on Fotografie template.

    All in all it’s a good theme.

    But there are some things that can be solved to make it perfect:

    1) After you resize your window. Menu collapses. If you close and open menu and then resize the window to desktop mode back, the menu is gone. This not the best experience, I think.

    2) Social Menu in the footer is great. It automatically adds icons to different social media links. When you put telephone link (<a href="tel:...">), it would be great if it also detected this one.
    Just use this css code for the moment, if you want telephone icon for your tel link:

    .social-navigation a[href^="tel:"]:before {
    content: "\f095";

    3) Blog feed looks bad on mobile version. The paddings and all stylings should be revised. On Iphone 6: paddings 4 times bigger the the text. Only part of the word on each line.
    If you put Big Image in the post, you will never know that it’s there. It will be not on the feed and there will be no “read more” link, if all text is in the preview. So, this should also be solved.

    4) Why To Top is recommended plugin for the theme? It’s already there.
    For example, you use it on mobile phone (iPhone 6) and click on the button, when you scroll down once again the button styling is as it’s active. It is this way until you reload.

    All things mentioned above, are just styling, so who cares. The only thing about functionality is disappearing menu and scrolltotop button, which is always active on mobile after you click until reload.

    Still, the theme is great! Thank you! I hope you will continue to support and develop it.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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