• You need to register and pay for the API, no complain, this is clearly said before even installing, so all good here (user complaining on that is unfair)
    The plugin is very easy to install and use
    Admin and user setting are very good
    Many options to check plagia when user want … but it is pushing to sell more 😉 … and that can cost very quicly several dollars per articles if you don’t pay (pun intended) attention

    So please, copyscape team:
    – optional: by defaut, deactivate all automatic checks. Users may select them back
    – nice to have: do indicate the remaining credit on the account in the post edit page
    – a must: do indicate how much credits it will cost to check, BEFORE CHECKING

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    …. mmmm seems I wrote to fast 🙁
    does not work when RankMath Pro is activated. I’ll open a theard in the support forum with all details

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