• This plugin works very well with a small number of website users. Most email servers limit the number of recipients to 100 or less to prevent SPAM blacklisting of the ISP. If you have more than the limit (ie, 100) of recipients, the entire email fails to send. It has nothing to do with the plugin, it has to do with the email servers. To make this plugin work for bigger user sites, the plugin needs to have a user configurable parameter like “maxrecipients=100” which would force the plugin to parse the user list into multiple emails. It would also be a good idea to add a user configurable parameter like “delaysend=1000” to delay sending each subsequently parsed email so the server doesn’t block because of too many emails per second.

    SUMMARY: Great tool but needs some refinement for big sites.

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  • Thank you, samdobrow… this is very helpful. I’ve been thinking of building my audience through posts/post notifications by email, rather than newsletters/mailing list, but email server limits will prevent this beyond 100 or 200 recipients. Have you–or has anyone–found a plugin or workaround to address this?

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    Sendgrid will relay the emails. The free version works with most small applications (20k emails per month )

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