• Hi developers.

    Your plugin is the best live search plugin in my opinion. I tried a lot of plugin like this but they are not good enough.

    I wanna thank you for this plugin.


    There was some problems and some advise.

    * The Search results shows the drafts.
    If you are logged in via admin you can read it. If you not an admin you are going to 404 :] this is a big Problem for me.

    * in the results, ul li a:before font-family is not font-awesome and its not visible. Bcs our sites or the plugin docs dont have that different font-family.

    * The result show to us 8 posts.
    (ul li…) Why 8? We may able to change the result counts in my opinion via admin dashboard. and also i can not change it from php files.

    * in the results, The posts title have 35 characters. We can change it on php files($Max=35). I think it could be on admin dashboard. The users like me may be wanna change it. So you know, when you Update the plugin, The changes will gone in plugin files which ones changed by us.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • Plugin Author Alkaweb


    Hey Gece,

    We just released a big update.

    Keep me posted on your issues in the ticket about what must be done so I can plan them for the next version 😉


    Thread Starter Mehmet Baris


    hi alkaweb;

    a have got the update now, and installed it, but

    the issues all the same :] its seems like nothing fix yet.

    1- Show results still have post type “DRAFT.”. its not a right thing, you know…
    you can see what i am saying at the codex page for a different post list type.
    the posts and the published posts is not the same things.

    $count_posts = wp_count_posts();
    $published_posts = $count_posts->publish;


    $count_posts = wp_count_posts();
    $draft_posts = $count_posts->draft;

    you can see the difference. and you can adapte it.

    2- the plugin not triggering the other inputs/search fields. you can check it in my website. https://goo.gl/4VCXyH
    all of my search selectors/ids is “#s” but the pluging working on just the header search.

    1- we can able to change results count. its still have 8 results.
    2- we can able to change results title characters count. its still 35 char.

    you are improved the “Box width”, ok, its good but we can make this change same time a little css codes. so its not a big deal.

    please notice this issues :]

    thanks a lot.

    Thread Starter Mehmet Baris


    the drafts problem is still alive and nothing update yet.

    do you think to fix? :]

    Plugin Author Alkaweb


    Could you open a new ticket at https://alkaweb.ticksy.com/ so we can have a look on that issue and figure out a fix. It’s easier for us that way.

    Kind regards


    Thread Starter Mehmet Baris


    hi Alkaweb,

    the first; i forgot my password in your website(https://alkaweb.ticksy.com/).
    and your website send me a lost-password mail but the pasword reset link in that mail not working, just going a support forum page.

    the second;
    this plugin is a wordpress plugin :]
    and this page i am typing right now is a official support page :]

    So, i think you should be interest on this forum about the issue; not any else website :]

    and the issue is:
    search results show to us “unpublished draft posts” and this is not to be like this.

    thanks for interest :]

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