• Editing review.

    This plugin, in the free and the paid version is one of the best things that you can find so far.

    Yes, it’s not perfect, nothing is perfect.

    but, the support is just human and open to your thoughts. They are not robots, like other services.

    So… yeah, maybe you will feel that it’s hard in the beginning. But is worth it.

    I will integrate this with the CRM in the near future.

    Hard to deal with the setup some tines, but is worth it.

    EDIT: after several months, I made too many fixes by myself because the plugin was buggy. The last update just replaced all the edited files, even if that wasn´t necessary. After the update Mercadopago was unusable because the plugin will always set it in sandbox mode.

    Even if I reported this particular problem, the developer didn´t fix it.

    I repeat, Mercadopago wont work because is always in sandbox mode and there is no option to fix that in the control panel.

    You have to deal with that changing this line:
    const SANDBOX = true;

    const SANDBOX = false;

    Please, let us change the sandbox mode in the control panel, this was reported months ago.

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  • Plugin Author Dan Cameron



    I’m sorry you’re experiencing poor support, we pride ourselves on great support.

    The issue at the moment is I’m out of the country with terrible internet, and since I’m the technical support lead it’s difficult to not only provide support but speedy support.

    You can read more about this here – https://sproutapps.co/news/diverting-support-to-cielo-dominican-republic/

    Another delay in responses to you has to do with our time zones, and it being the weekend.

    Things will be back to normal Wednesday, which I’ve already planned to review the MP plugin for you. For now I’ll try my best (as I’ve been doing).

    Thank you.

    PS: I hope you understand the situation and allow me to help change your review to 5 stars.

    Edited man. Just a little AFK after a lot of work.
    So, yeah. not a perfect world, but it’s a great world so far.
    Thanks for being open about your plugin and sorry for being rude.

    Please, PLEASE fix the Mercadopago gateway. The problem of the sandbox mode was reported months ago. And is just one line of code.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    Please reach out to me via support@sproutinvoices.com. Seems like there’s a misunderstanding on our part if the fix is a single line of code. I’m also surprised to hear this is still an issue with our new admin.

    Thank you.

    Already reported it.

    the new admin didn´t make any change or fix over the Mercadopago gateway. I suspect it wasn´t even tested in the past. Hope to see it fixed soon since is only one thing that needs control over the control panel.

    Still no fix.

    The best way to make this work is just: don´t update.
    which also means: don´t renew your licence.

    I like the plugin, it helped me with my customers, but man, each update I have to fix my main payment gateway by myself. I think the best way to have this working is just don´t update.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron



    I’ll respond to the support ticket you just submitted. However I wanted to point out that this was resolved and tested before the last updated. I’ll clarify more with my other email.

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