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  • – Thumbnail: I have to create a square image otherwise, it is distorted (anamorphosis)

    – Thumbnail > Edit: After importing a thumbnail, I can not delete it, I can just replace it

    – Automatic background: I can not control the frame of this image,

    – title: it is displayed twice. 1) on the background image 2) below the background image. Why ? One time is enough

    – Logo audio theme (top right): ok to advertise Audio Theme for the free version but this logo is very big

    – “Select Audio” button: the text overflows the button. it works but it is not very beautiful

    So I can not use the plugin for now but I think it can quickly be improved.


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  • Plugin Author Brady Vercher


    Hi @mengeco,

    Thanks for the positive review despite the list of shortcomings you feel are present. I wanted to respond to a few of these and gather some more information to see if there is anything we can clean up.

    1) We made the decision to not register a new image size to prevent WordPress from generating a new file for every single image uploaded to the site, even images not related to playlists. Perhaps we can look into implementing a image cropping workflow in the future, but this is the first complaint we’ve received.

    2) Though we designed the player to work when an image hasn’t been set, we think they look better when images are present. Once you know the way it works, UI for removing the image is just extraneous. Remove the track and add it back if you really need to remove the thumbnail instead of replacing it.

    3) What kind of control are you needing over the background image?

    4) The top portion is the player and represents the current track, so it displays the title of the current track and updates dynamically. The bottom portion is a static playlist. It makes sense to be visible in both places.

    Some people may not like the playlist and some people may not like the title in the player and some people don’t care either way, but it’s easier to hide those elements with a snippet of CSS than it is to add them.

    5) The logo is only 15px tall, which I would think is pretty tiny.

    6) I’ve checked in various browsers, but haven’t seen the text overflowing the button. We also haven’t had similar reports. Can you let me know which browser you’re using so I can look into this?

    I hope that helps address some of your concerns. We’ve tried to optimize things for the majority of users without introducing a ton of complexity. I realize that the decisions we made won’t appeal to everyone, but that’s the nature of these types of things.

    Thanks again,


    I do not like to criticize the developers for the pleasure because they bring a lot of help in the work dedicated to the web. I only want to make constructive comments to help make the plugin a success.

    For your plugin:

    Only for me, if I do not have control over the images, I can not use any plugin, it is the most important pb here.

    For the thumbnail, I have to create a specific square image, so I’m forced to add an image, the images should not be distorted but cropped from the center.

    For the background, it’s the same, if I do not have control of the image, I can not use it, otherwise, the bacground displays any part of the image, it’s wrong. It would be interesting to allow a simple background color or texture image (which is repeated).

    Bug bt “Select Audio” : on Safari. but it may come from the French translation

    For the rest, the plugin works perfectly. And thank you very much for your work!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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