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  • I really like this plugin. I find these guys produce better quality image compression. I was previously using Shortpixel but found some images, such as vector images, to be poorly compressed. They looked horrible, but with the TinyJpg compression they looked perfect. So even though Shortpixel produced a smaller file size for these vector images, the trade off with image quality was too great. So i decided to use Tiny guys from now on.

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  • Hi,
    I’m sorry to hear you were disappointed with how some of the images were optimized by ShortPixel, I would be happy to investigate this more if you could contact us and show us some examples.
    Also, did you know that we also have the Glossy image optimization algorithm, have you tried that as well?

    Thank you,

    Hi Alex,

    I noticed on some vector images i compressed, not all btw, that the image didn’t look very good after compression. Here’s one example :

    When using your online lossy compression, there is banding on the green section underneath the apple. I remember some being worse than this, but this was the first example i found just to show you.

    I haven’t tried the glossy optimization, that wasn’t there the last time i used the site!

    Thanks for your quick answer,
    I just ran a quick test using our online compression tool and I could see what you’re referring to. Glossy option (as expected) looks better but what I found interesting is that though both ShortPixel and TinyPNG compress this image by 38%, the one optimized by TinyPNG is more pixelated. Under the apple in particular.

    Did you download the image using the download button or just right click on the image and save it? If you download the image and then use the online compression tools Shortpixel file size is 69.3kb which is great, and TinyPng is 118kb.

    Smaller size is obviously better to have, but the reason i made the switch was due to the noticeable degradation in quality. Not had an image look pixelated with TinyPng, but that may just be my eyes?

    I remember there being other images i came across which produced more obvious degradation, but that image should give you an idea of what i was experiencing.

    I used the download button. For the image in my example above ( the initial size was ~68K and the optimized images have ~42K. Both for ShortPixel and TinyPNG.

    I understand that your experience with ShortPixel wasn’t that good and I really appreciate you taking the time to help me reproduce the issue.
    (Un)fortunately when I tried to reproduce it, as described in my previous message, the resulting images had almost the same size but the quality was better with ShortPixel.
    You should be able to reproduce the steps if you wish.

    Thank you for your support with this,

    ok, if i go to the following page and right click on the image and save the file, the size is 66.8kb

    But this is meant to be a preview image. When i click the download button on the right where it says “free download” you will download a zip file.

    If you open that zip file you will find an image in there called “preview” with a file size of 545kb. That’s the image that i used.

    After online compression, Shortpixel = 69.3kb and TinyPng = 118kb.

    Oh, I see what you mean now, I thought that you mean to download the resulting images from ShortPixel&TinyPNG. Thanks for clarifying this to me! 🙂

    Indeed, I can see the visual artifacts for that particular image with ShortPixel when optimized as “lossy”.
    When optimized as “glossy” though, the resulting image is 71,5KB and to me it looks very much like the TinyPNG’s 119KB version. You may want to test this as well.

    Best regards,

    Hi Alex,

    I retested using “glossy” and can see the result is much better, and file size is good also!

    Could you tell me, what is the “glossy” setting? I have heard of lossless and lossy but not glossy. Also, is it possible to use the glossy setting with your wordpress plugin?

    Edit: Can I reoptimize photos i have already optimized with TinyPng with your plugin using the glossy setting?

    Hello again,
    for a good explanation about “glossy” please check this article.

    Glossy is available in our plugin, of course 🙂
    And you could reoptimize images optimized with TinyPNG but we generally advise against that.

    Best regards,

    I just tried out your plugin but noticed there is no option to select which image sizes get processed. Have I missed this option somewhere?

    Currently you can only select to optimize the original image or the original image along with all the thumbnails.

    Why not allow users to select which thumbnails they optimize? Is this so they use more credits?

    It wasn’t a feature requested by many and though we have it on a list for a future update we always had something more important/asked for to work on…

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