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  • Why I recommend WP Project Manager :

    1- The support is incredibly good.
    They always try (and manage) to fix issues, very quickly, even when sometimes it’s not part of their job (when the “glitches” come more from themes or third-party plugins than from their own stuff).
    They will really go to great lengths to do that.
    They even searched in all my (numerous) active plugins to finally discover an old one which was the cause of a bug.
    Their is no limit: they responded to each of the requests that we submitted, and solved them within a few days.
    As of today, I’ve been using WP Poject Manager (pro and free versions) for more than one year, and everytime I had a problem or a need of adaptation, the support engineer(s) fixed it, and quickly.

    2- They seriously take the feedback into account in order to improve their plugins.
    I submitted various improvement suggestions, and most of them were taken into account and implemented (others are on track and I’m sure they will do it).

    3- After having tried a LOT of of other project management systems (maybe all the WordPress plugins available, and certainly all the big names in the field, like Asana, Trello, Freedcamp, Bitrix24, Todoist, Slack, and others), we found that WP Project Manager – although not being perfect – is by far the best for our needs, for plenty of reasons, including the following.
    There is a ‘genius’ integration with BuddyPress groups, which offers a very interesting approach to project management, because you can display, on front-end, many informations and especially images (in comparison, the ‘big’ platforms mentioned above look like “grids of texts”).
    For example, when your projects are in BP groups, you can use profile and cover images for these working groups, which is very useful to identify and browse easily your different projects, while all the other systems are just text.
    And you can set a group as “public” but with an access control to become a member (with a 3rd party plugin called altctrl-public-group by @imath), which makes that the non-member users can discover many things about your working group (“around” your projects) which is very motivating to have them join the group and then see the content of the projects. Otherwise (with all the other systems that I tried), people have no clue about the projects, there are no informations, no images, they have to guess or to trust in order to be willing to enter a give project or working group, which really not efficient when you work with volunteers.
    And also, given that you can organize your groups as you like, it’s very interesting when you have a complex structure with many organizations, sections and so on. Most of the other systems are looking “flat”, are very limited: you have teams (or working groups) and, inside, projects (and tasks), period. You cannot re-arrange them as you like, with more complex tree structures.
    Other good things are that you can create as many groups and projects with as many members as you want, and that you are proprietary of all your data, which are on your server, without anything to pay for that (this is also the case for all the other WP plugins, but they are very limited). It’s always better when an organization has their own project management system, without the need of other sites or providers, and will all remaining under one unique domain name (yours). And the users are very reluctant when they have to use different accounts in different sites (like Asana etc.), for the same project.
    Another good thing is that in the paid versions it is possible to use it from front end, which is definitely indispensable when you work with volunteers or other persons (like families) who would be more than reluctant to use WordPress back end (looking too much “technical”).
    (You can see the illustration of how we use WP Project Manager and the BuddyPress groups, on our site – you can even test a “demo” project in the “General” group, where you will be by default if you join the site – which is entirely free).

    Therefore, we wish the best future for this plugin (and this company), hoping that they will continue to always improve their products (for example, about the notifications system, the export feature, and a possibility to receive tasks by email – which will make it, by far, the best project management system ever, making the other ones looking rather miserable, especially the ‘big names’ which cannot be so versatile and which are very expensive).
    Thank you very much for you plugin, which helps us to organize and solve many things, which is so necessary for our cause.

    We are very glad to have found this plugin, after trying so many other plugins and project management sites.

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  • Plugin Support Md. Yeasin


    Hi @ericlucas,

    We really appreciate your valuable feedback. It will surely be inspiring us to do more better in the future and we will do it for sure 🙂

    Thank you.

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