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  • Hi Reigel sorry for the intrusion!

    Are you interested in adding a “repost or relist” capability to this plugin?

    This is to be used in-conjunction with the post expirator when post expire it goes into the draft status, users then are able to “repost” that expired post so it is published again without entering the backend. It is different from adding a new post as it moves the original post out of draft to published, and it will pre-populate all the data in the original expired post. So it is kind like the edit function but it checks for post that are in Draft mode and has the expiration date field and the publish/update submission button.

    You reckon it could be achieved? are you able to give me some directions on how to add/implement the repost function to the plugin?

    Thank you so much

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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