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  • I have tried everything. I have used every combination of username and password. It always says it has sent me my new password, but never has an email arrived. Yes, I have checked my quarantine.
    Maybe I should just uninstall wordpress and start over?
    Sheesh. My site is brand new, completely empty.
    my email is [email address moderated – I should hope that no one knows your password!] in case somebody out there knows my password. I have tried every method in the codex article. Maybe wordpress isn’t for me after all.

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  • As I said above, I have done both, over and over.

    I should hope that you can get someone at WordPress to send me my password, at my email address. Not sure how to get through this wall. distributes and documents the WordPress application but has no connection with any site running that software. So we cannot reset or check your password for you. What did you change in the database?

    Your new WordPress site has been successfully set up at:

    You can log in to the administrator account with the following information:

    Username: admin
    Password: The password you chose during the install.

    We hope you enjoy your new site. Thanks!

    –The WordPress Team

    You just sent me an email telling me that you guys have nothing to do with this. It looks to me like the email above is from “The WordPress Team”. I don’t know what password I chose during the install. I thought I knew but it doesn’t work.

    And then you don’t send me an email. This is all about wordpress and no one else, as far as I can tell. I seem to have discovered that and are two names for the same company. Is wordpress a third name for the same company? So far, you behave in a similar fashion.

    As far as changing databases, the only thing I have been able to change is in Included/Admin, I added the code about password as recommended in the article, but it did not accomplish anything.
    I am not usually rendered as such a dummy.

    shall we just agree that I should uninstall? I wonder how much fun that is going to be. Maybe as a good faith gesture you could give me some clear and simple instructions for accomplishing that.

    You just sent me an email
    And then you don’t send me an email.
    as a good faith gesture

    You? Good faith gesture? WordPress is free software and these free support forums are staffed by unpaid volunteers!

    As far as changing databases, the only thing I have been able to change is in Included/Admin

    I thought you’d tried everything at both of the links I posted above? The second link includes details of how to reset your password via the database. If you cannot manage this yourself, perhaps you need to consider hiring someone to carry out the work for you?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    @mikemense: “We” didn’t send you an email. Your WordPress software sent that email to you when you installed it.

    WordPress is simply a piece of software, like Microsoft Word, or any other program you might have.

    In that respect, we can no more reset your password on your own website than Microsoft can reset the password to your laptop. is not a company. You have paid “us” nothing and have not conducted any business or financial transactions with “us”. is the site where we gather and create the software named “WordPress”, and then distribute it, for free.

    Now, WordPress, the software, runs on your own website, which means that it lives on a computer somewhere. Usually, you pay the people who own and operate this computer for “web hosting”. They will have tools and systems you can use to modify the files and the database connections and such on that website.

    So, if the automatic email system from your copy of WordPress, on your webhost, doesn’t work, then you’ll need to use another way to reset your password.

    This informational article that we’ve written details six entirely different ways to reset a password, depending on what access you have to your website. I suggest that you read it and try one of them. You only need to get one method to work, not all of them, and any will do the job.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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