• I’m using the pro version of the plugin because I needed extra functionality. So far I have been blown away by the breadth of the capability of this product, the way it has been designed to work flexibly in many circumstances and how you can do some really quite complex things with it, including looping through posts and users. It compares very favourably with Zapier, but is way, way more capable within WordPress than Zapier ever could be.

    Don’t think that this is simple; sure you can do simple stuff with it and the learning curve is really not steep, as the UI is mostly very nicely conceived and executed, but you can get into some pretty complex stuff that would otherwise require a lot of PHP skill and WordPress knowledge.

    However if you think the product is good, just wait until you experience their amazing support experience! I have raised quite a few support tickets, a few asking about stuff which goes beyond the otherwise good documentation, one asking if something fairly complex were possible and once when I ran into a bug. On all occasions they came back to me within 24 hours or less with answers, new functionality and a patch, respectively. I mean, when you ask a big software company about a bug or feature request they may come back to you in 3-6 months; these guys are providing solutions in days.

    Highly recommended.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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