• Very fine eh, “admin”? To cut the 3ad (you know what I’m speaking of) to give an idiot jackal the latest word; unless behind that “anonymous” there were someone very integrated within the management of this board…
    So, you got it: you got the common fool of the village, hey, I’m here, look at me!
    What could be the next step? To wait for some other provocations in order to ban my IP? Are you waiting for this, as you was very prompt to erase my latest post behind the door? Nah, too given for granted, for so little; I won’t give you this satisfaction, as I won’t give you the satisfaction to pm you this msg, nor to think that *I* was wrong.
    Watch out from people looking too balanced or victims, dear admin: ’cause they are as keen on compliments as easy to stab you from the back at first occasions. And yes, I was very unfortunate to find these kind of guys anywhere I was (alas, here too), but not so frequently. World’s a town, but I won’t die for this. Now I don’t know how much time I’ll keep you scripts installed (but you won’t die for this); it is not for retaliating against all this (ah well, I’m “childish” too, I forgot…), but ’cause I cannot get in turn nothing but arrogant pretenses masked as “help-you-yourself”.
    Hope this post were finely translated and understandable by anybody. Cheers.
    Ah, almost I forgot: the first urgent improvements in this board would be not yet a search tool (there’s google for this…), but some *advanced* “ignore” filters, to get rid of flamers and trolls (or the like) like me. Hope this suggestion is appreciated.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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