• After a long search I had high hopes for this product and started the 14 day trial. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it to activate and generate an API key.
    The worse part is, this company, that claims to provide a support product, has terrible support, and either does not understand their own product, or doesn’t really care if it is broken.
    In the ONLY reply I received from support, they indicated that the problem was that my site is on a sub-domain, and they don’t support that — I’d need to make it be on the primary domain to work, and they suggest doing after the site is in production !??! That would make the product unusable for many of my clients — some have their main site on the primary domain with their store on a store. subdomain. My biggest e-commerce client, with Multi-site and WPML has their US site on their “us.” subdomain and their EU site on their “eu.” subdomain.
    After receiving no replies to my questions beyond that, I changed my DNS and redeployed a version of the site on a primary domain, which still didn’t work. Then I disabled all other plugins, switched to twentyninteen theme — still broken.
    I also noticed that they are not keeping current with WP releases — I AM DONE.

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