• Hello guys!

    I am extremely disappointed with this plugin. I have a subscription to the PRO version. In case you use this plugin, please consider the following:

    The plugin has insane wordpress version requirements (it cannot work with a lower version than required). Please don’t tell me why. I am a senior developer and I know the answer.
    They have the same insane requirements for Woocommerce and PHP version.
    There are over 1.2 GB of records from this plugin in my database. This is serious, and there is no option to delete old and unused records.

    There is no repository in their PRO version from which you can download a previous version of the plugin. If you decide to update the plugin and it doesn’t work – bad luck guys.

    54 hours ago I sent a ticket asking them to provide me with a version that works with WordPress 6.3.4 and Woocommerce 8.4.0 – 54 hours later I still have no response from support.

    VERY disappointing performance. I will start looking for another competing service!!!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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