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  • polina92


    I tried this payment solution to check whether it would be better / safer. Indeed, somehow, it’s working but in terms of procedures and service, for somehow a bank, the performance is poor and questions the reliability of any other procedure within the company. All in all, various payment options are nicely presented and marketed. You can tick “yes”, no problem. And then, experience several issues:
    – after several days, you may received a notice that a certain payment method was refused because you are not a company … you may answer that you are a self-entrepreneur / artisan, registered so and ask which document is needed, and then receive the answer that it’s OK for entrepreneur. But not working. And then wonder again what is the issue / required document … till thinking that the “support” answers without reading past conversations or is paid to tick: what do you think to be the right answer for this peson: A or B or C?
    – you may have what you believe to be an apparently approved payment method …. then be informed by a customer that there is a problem … and then notice by yourself that there is an issue, and then discover that there were possibly conditions for this payment option … which were not mentioned when you ticked … which did not prevent the payment method to be active. I understand any procedure … for my other payment method, I had a prove a lot of things, record finger prints & get then compared with official document, make a video interview without any other person in 360° view, provide many documents … before being approved. but here, this lack of professionalism when it’s matter of money … when it leads to unhappy or disappointed customers on my side
    – last, again, when it’s related to bank and payment, get a feedback from “support” 2 days later, not once but each time (for me), … have a chat which is purely virtual vs a genuine 24/7 service is not understandable.
    This said, technically, it works, as far as I can say, but given former points, wonder about transparency and professionalism. If the rules become 100% written, factual and operational (which document, which validaty, which authoriry, … at least within E.U. laws) prior to approval and implementation, and with a real customer service, I would then revise this feedback.
    PS: I am also a recorded seller in Google shopping actions (not talking about shopping ads!), and other very demanding market places

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