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    I have used the Timely Events calendar for a long time. Up until now I would have recommended it. I learned recently that I had been using a discontinued version of the plugin when the sidebar agenda and the event posts themselves lost their formatting. I was advised to upgrade to the newest plugin, so I did.

    This is the reason for my one-star review.

    • The event posts, even though they are being created within WordPress have no access to the media library, shortcodes or other WP resources.
    • Once a post is created, it is difficult to get a URL and once you do, the location of the post is outside of your website.
      • This is especially upsetting considering that the shortened URLs of our events I created on Bitly and TinyURL no longer worked.

    I do see that many people are happy with the website, but this new version of the plugin has caused me a lot of pain and even more work.

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