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  • ..or rather lack of responses.

    I’ve posted problems 4 times now on this support forum, and had excatly 0 replies or responses. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong – I’m always polite, and my questions/problems don’t seem to be that weird or stupid.

    Is there some secret protocol that I’m not adhering too?

    It’s a REAL shame because otherwise I’m really enjoying using WordPress as a CMS for my web projects.

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  • Dan. You may have the bad luck of living in a timezone with few WP forum users. Besides that, most people on these forums are people like me, just WP users who know around their way a bit more than a starter and with some experience with plugins, coding, whatever. Your four questions are WAY over my head. You want to do some things with WP that seem to require some serious coding. Since I would not make the useless reply “I have no idea” and the same may go for others as well, there’s another possibility for the lack of response to your questions. With questions like yours, you have to be lucky enough that some “techsavvy” WP user, forum “mod” or with much less change a “dev” sees your questions.
    Not that this response helps you in any way, but there you had a question that I CAN answer 🙂

    Hey there is life out there – thanks SO much for the reply, it’s just nice to hear a friendly voice.

    Maybe I’m posting in the wrong area then if you think my problems might be better directed at expert users. But you know I’m just hacking around with WordPress myself – but I’m flattered that you think I’m getting into “techy stuff”.

    Even though you couldn’t actually answer my specific issues I really appreciate the response. Cheers Gangleri.

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