• I’ve had a wordpress website for over 8 years and never had so much problems. I bought the $349 plugin package last month. I did my research thought it would be a great buy. It wasn’t. I had to contact tech support 6 times within a week’s time. 3 times the problem wasn’t solved. The last request, I gave them access to my cpanel and admin status on WordPress
    So finally after about 2 weeks of not being able to use their plugin I called it quits. I asked for a refund and they refused. #Peepso Your plugin doesn’t work. I didn’t even use all your features before it crashed. I did everything you asked me to do on my end and it still does not work. Your tech support are nice but don’t know how to get your plugin to function.

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    Thank you for the review. But let’s take this one by one, shall we?

    Ticket #1: Theme will not upload will not uplaod
    – you’re trying to install a theme as a plugin. We explained, that themes need to be installed as themes, not plugins. Case closed, with positive results.

    Ticket #2: How to take off login feature
    – we explained everything in detail. Case closed, with positive results.

    Ticket #3: Allow access to group without logging in
    – again, everything explained and you even replied to the ticket saying: “Thank you!. It works!!”. Yet again, case closed with positive results.

    Ticket #4: html photos
    – we tried to explain how to share photos within groups etc. You don’t seem to understand that .html files are not ‘photos’. These are other file types which are not supported and nowhere we state that they are.

    Ticket #5: Registered Members are going to home page instead of group
    – it’s a matter of simple redirect after login. We explained everything in one reply and never heard back from you.

    Ticket #6: Slow Upload
    – We did inspect the site. Issues come from the fact that it’s a very slow and basic shared hosting solution that’s not fit for running a social network. We did our best trying to explain the situation.

    Ticket #7: Plugin Not Working – Refund
    – This ticket was open in September. Purchase was made in end of July. That’s way over a month from the purchase date.

    We did try to make it all work for you and did try to explain everything in detail. Every single issue that was raised was either solved with a positive result or was caused by EXTERNAL factors like hosting-related issues. Like you said, we even went as deep as look into your server configuration.

    We’re sorry, but this review does not seem to be fair to say the least.

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