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    1) I think that sometimes is difficult the for the user that is trying yo find a business.

    For example:

    If I have category A and B and if a have 2 cities A and B

    Sometimes I try to find a business in city A in city A show that there are few business in this city but the page don’t display the business because the business in the city A are in the category B or in A.

    The numbers that display near the cities don’t care about the category that you are and it make the number be confuse. In my opnion and thinking about usability the numbers that display in cities drop down should take care about the category.

    2) If I’m under the category A and city A sometimes display a big numbers near the city like 200 business but on the map only show 10 business because the map only show the business that are in the fist page. It is confuse ass well

    3) The map module should connect with category. The page should display in the map filters each category the user is trying to search. I have few categories and few cities and after to search the can forgot each category they are searching.

    Some suggestions?

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    Hi Garuggi,

    Are you saying that you have categories and cities that are identical? Your example above is also somewhat confusing.

    1) It would help if you could provide a more specific example of this problem. In particular, I would need to see:
    – A link to the city you are searching/filtering for
    – The listings you feel are missing

    2) I covered this in another thread–it’s something we can look to add, but right now it doesn’t do this.

    3) Can you provide an example of this? I’m not clear on how the map “forgets” the category, but if you can lead me through an example you see this happening in, we can fix it.

    You can have a look

    I don´t have category and cities with the same name.

    Choose a suburb and you will see that some suburbs display that have 100 business but don´t display this business. because the business aren´t in the category that you are.

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    HI Garuggi,

    A specific example walking me through the problem would help–the link above is a start but it’s not enough. I’m still not sure what it is that I’m looking for here. Can you provide me a specific suburb to click and what is wrong/missing when you do? Links to the “missing” listings would help, so I can understand what you see is going wrong.

    OK Get in this link

    Then after select the State ACT
    Then select the first suburb = Ainslie
    Then Click Set Filter

    Then you won´t display any business.

    What I think that is confusing is because when you select Ainslie (Number 3 or 4 or 5 … ) The number doesn´t match with the number of business that display.


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    Hi Garuggi,

    There is a WordPress bug about category counts that we’ve been fighting for ages. We recently found a case in Regions where it would show a count in a category that did not match the exact count of listings in there because of the WordPress API issue. We have a workaround in the version we’re about release shortly. This issue sounds almost exactly like that problem. This should be addressed in 3.0.3 + the new regions.

    We have a problem with our search function as well. It doesn’t find listings that we have , under the category names that we have them under.
    For instance if you correctly spell web design, no listings come up. But we have one listing under that category already.
    Also you loose the search field on the top, after running that futile search.
    How do you fix that?

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    Hi Pakashani,

    Please do not double-post issues on the forum.

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