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    I recently upgraded to the new WordPress and am using the IRIS theme. In the old wordpress, I was able to make interior pages on the site by simply removing the loop from my templates and inserting the relevant information. However, this method does NOT work with the new themes and I need to know how to update my interior pages to match the new theme. Here is what I mean:

    My site:
    My interior page: (this was my old wordpress theme)

    I need to make them both use the IRIS theme. I TRIED to do this using the “write page” feature but this is what it spit out:

    #1- there are all the errors
    #2- It gave it that weird name instead of the name I specified (links.php)

    SO, how do I make the “write page” feature work and use nice, intuitive names for the files or, barring that, how do I force interior pages to match the theme manually.


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  • Begin by reading the following on how to use the Page feature and templates:

    And the links.php is a template file, not the “web page” itself. Your page_id=45 or whatever is your page URL until you turn on permalinks.

    See also:

    Where did you “specified” the name (links.php) for that Page? (BTW, just call them Pages with capital P and everybody will know what we are talking about).
    Let’s go step by step. First lets’have a working Page; don’t worry about the URL, yet.
    Just go to Write > Write Page and create a new Page, see if it works.
    Forget the links.php – that’s a special template name in WP themes.

    When you use write page, there should be an area below the write area that allows you to choose a template. I’m not familiar with the Iris theme, but there should be a default page template. You simply write your content, publish, and the page looks like the rest of your site. If you want custom look for the page, you can edit the code.
    to get “nice page titles” read


    I specified the name links.php in the Page title field. I tried folowing the instructions in the Using Permalinks section but I don’t have an htaccess file and when I turned on permalinks without it, nothing worked at all.

    “links.php” was the name of my links page before I upgraded, not a template.

    I tried using the default page template as miklb mentioned but I still get garbage:

    Really, isn’t there any easy way just to replace the loop from the template file with my content and write my pages that way, as I did in the old WordPress? All I want is for my pages to match again and for them to have normal names like

    I did read the Pages site as well before I posted and it just does not tell me how to do what I want in any easy way. I don’t want fancy lists and subgroups or anything. I already have my content up, I just want to change the theme to match.

    Thanks again.


    The simplest thing to do would be to copy the text from the body of that page (not the links list, etc. since the theme will generate that automatically) into your clipboard. Then go to “Write Page” in the dashboard and paste the test. Without custom permalinks, you’re going to get a pagename like ?page=24, which is a “real” page name, it’s just not descriptive.

    Well, maybe thing aren’t always as “you want” – a software usually works as the developers want 🙂
    Everybody else has Pages exactly as their theme because they follow the instructions and the logic of the script. Things have changed since the 1.2.x version and we all had to learn how does it work now.
    Repeating the same thing expecting different results… you know what it is, don’t you?

    Thank you, tomhanna. I am trying to do just that and this is what I get:

    I am getting “fatal errors” at the bottom and it is not generating the sidebar and it is formatting the page to look like a post instead of a page (see up top, where it has a date, time, catergory?). Is the problem in the template I am using and not with WordPress itself? I don’t know what those errors mean.

    And thanks, moshu, but I am TRYING to learn how to make it work. It’s not like I want to do anything extraordinary or fancy here. But if you don’t want to help me, that’s fine, you don’t need to even read this. Just lay off with the insults in the meanwhile.

    The errors are coming from the comments. When you copy and pasted from your old theme, did you copy JUST the text, or the code?
    The formatting may be due to the template being used. Familiarizing your self with will go some way in understanding this.
    Stick with it, there are people here that will help, and once you get a hang of it, you may find you like it better.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much miklb, I really do appreciate your help & patience. I have FINALLY figure out how to do exactly what I wanted to with some patience and stubborness, lol

    Now I just have to recode the rest of the pages and I will be set. 😀

    And thanks for that link about the heirarchy as well. I am going to go read through that now, since it looks like exactly what I need.

    Thank you again 🙂

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