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    Im a little confused about how to set up certain plugins i have.
    Some have a “settings”, “deactivate”, “edit”
    But some have no “settings” link
    Some of these plugins i have no idea how to set up since there is no “settings” link.. I usually end up uninstalling them and spending sometimes hours going thru alternates until i finally find one with a “settings” link.

    An example of one now is Twitter Tools
    When i installed it, it installed a 4 plugins
    the first main one has: “settings”, “deactivate”, “edit”
    but i want it to exclude certain categories, so i see the plugin
    “Twitter Tools – Exclude Category”
    but it has no settings link, only “deactivate”, “edit”

    I am aware the edit brings me to html editor, but Im really lost in there, it may as well be alien language to me.

    I am using the twitter plugin as an example, but I often have this problem with many plugins i try.. i can never set them up because there is no settings.

    I am also aware that certain plugins will put a new option in the lefthand dashboard.. i know about them, and always look there and other places after installing a plugin with no “settings” link.

    Im not sure if im installing the plugins correctly, or is there another place to set up plugins?


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  • that is because there may be no settings options for that plugin



    er… my bad.. found exclude settings right down the bottom of the main plugin page…
    odd place for it..

    resolved anyway

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