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  • I went through the steps of setting up WAMP5 and WordPress on my computer and now I can access my page at http://localhost/wordpress/

    What is the purpose of setting it up this way?
    How do I put it online so the whole world can see it?

    I don’t understand what WAMP5 is all about. I was only able to set it up because I followed step-by-step directions from someone’s website!

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  • Um…. one only sets up a local server (in your case, WAMP) in order to shortcut some of the design processes when doing themes etc. from scratch for clients.

    To use WP online, you set up an account with a host provider, then upload the wp distro to the webspace you have with that host, and blog online. Hasn’t anything to do with local servers and WAMP….

    I have an account through the college:

    I unzipped WordPress, opened wp-config-sample.php and added:
    // ** MySQL settings ** //
    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘Blog’); // The name of the database
    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘psimmond’); // Your MySQL username
    define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘*******’); // …and password
    define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘’); // 99% chance you won’t need to change this value
    (This is the name and password I use to ftp files to my account.)
    Then I renamed the file as wp-config.php created a folder called “Blog” and ftp’d all of the unzipped WordPress files to it. Now if I go to:
    I get a white box that says: WordPress
    Error establishing a database connection…
    Does this have something to do with SQL–whatever that is?

    Does your college host meet the requirements for php and mysql?

    Could be…. you probably need to grab your IT guy and make sure you have the right values in wp-config.php. And just ask to make sure as well that you have the right/ability to set up wp on the school’s server.

    I’ll look into it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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