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  • Even though WordPress added an Additional CSS option into its core functionality, there is something that the WordPress custom CSS doesn’t do.

    The CSS editor itself does syntax highlighting, i.e., you’ll see characters in red if the editor detects something wrong. It also shows matching braces, i.e., if you put your cursor next to one brace, it will turn that brace green as well as the matching brace green. Comments are retained (I’ve seen some editors strip out comments). And special characters are not escaped (believe it or not, I’ve seen some CSS editors escape apostrophes and greater than signs, which can be problematic).

    One of the options that this plugin provides is to either have the CSS stored in an external file or copied inline into the code. The latter is something that will help speed up load times.

    The best feature, in my opinion, is the ability to write CSS that gets included in the admin pages (i.e., the Dashboard) or the login page. The WordPress Additional CSS option doesn’t support this feature, and neither do most CSS plugins. To give you an idea as to how this can be helpful, if you have a lot of users who log in to your site, and you don’t want to give them access to certain menu options (like Appearance → Editor), you can write some CSS to hide those menu options. Or, if you have users who log in to your site, you may want to customize your login page to make it more attractive. For example, I like to hide the WordPress logo on my login pages, and add a background image. See here and here for examples.

    Lastly, the developer is very responsive on the support page, which is very important if you happen to have problems or suggestions.

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