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  • Does exactly what it should, and does it very cleverly:

    It’s very nice…

    • that it gathers multiple 404s on the same URI in one line, with an increment counter and the date of the last occurrence. This way you’ll never get pages filled up with 404s of the same URI, like other plugins do.
    • that you can exclude 404s by path components. That means you can keep your list clean from all these stupid attacks that all go for /admin or /user, etc. and can concentrate on the relavant 404s, triggered by Google bots or your visitors.


    • User agent, IP. (Probably this would slow down the site a tiny bit, and in that sense it’s OK that it’s not enabled by default. But an option to enable it in certain situations would be welcome.)

    Not OK:

    • I hate it when a plugin positions itself on top level of the admin sidebar. This is OK for complex plugins with 10 submenus, but not for a tiny log viewer with exactly one admin page. Its place is in the ‘Tools’ menu.
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