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  • The principle behind this plugin is great. Unfortunately, it’s let down by some terrible usability.

    1: Moving items around within a series seems to be a hit and miss affair. If you try to move a part into a position already occupied by a part, sometimes it works, and the other part[s] shuffle up to make room. sometime the part yo moved gets assigned a number at the end of the stack. It seems completely random.

    2: By far the biggest shocker though is that, when you choose the “Quick Edit” button next to a post, the existing series info isn’t loaded into the editing form, so you either have to re-enter it each time, or your series info is wiped out when you save your edits.

    I want to like this plugin. In theory it’s the best way of organising a series of posts into something like a book. However, the clunky usability and the fact that, having spent ages configuring a series, you are liable to have it all come crashing down like a house of cards if you have the temerity to “quick Edit” any of the posts in that series makes it completely unusable for me.

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  • I am unable to reproduce both the issues you reported here on a variety of websites I have Organize Series installed in.

    It is likely that they are being produced either by a conflict with a theme or another plugin you have installed.

    Sorry for your poor initial experience using Organize Series but that is definitely not intended behaviour.

    Hi Darren.

    I’m using Eddie Machado’s Bones theme. I don’t see how the choice of theme would be relevant though, as the behaviour I’m seeing happens in the admin section, which uses the default WP theme.

    As regards plugins: W3 Total Cache, Table of Contents Plus, PrintFriendly, Smooth Scroll Up and Akismet.

    Usually themes don’t affect the admin at all. However, I’ve seen many themes that add javascript or hook into save_post for custom post types that in the end DO affect certain functionality on the admin side. That’s why I ALWAYS HAVE people do the following things when I can’t reproduce.

    1. Try switching temporarily to the default WordPress theme and keep your existing plugins active. If the problems you are having still happen with the theme switched then you *definitely* know its not the theme and go to step two.

    2. Try disabling all your plugins temporarily and just keep Organize Series active. If things work then you know it’s one of the plugins. Activate the plugins one by one and try to reproduce the issue until you find the culprit. Then report back which plugin it is.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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