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  • sigdigm


    Here is a list of issues:

    -This plugin adds terribly name-spaced tables to your database – no prefix.
    -The plugin threw a bunch of API errors after it couldn’t connect.
    – The plugin stopped midway through syncing every time I tried (5 to 6 sync attempts).
    – There is no detailed documentation for the WP CLI option, even though it is their support’s go to suggestion in every forum I saw when someone had issues. If you want to offer this solution, please offer detailed documentation! I ultimately had to just ask another developer who was more familiar with WP CLI because your 1 paragraph explanation gives no detail about what needs to be installed or how – even links to other resources would be appreciated.
    – Support has very limited ability to help. They will just tell you to delete the plugin, reinstall and create a new API code. Once that doesn’t work they will recommend WP CLI but don’t know how it works, don’t have documentation for this option, and won’t be able to help you after WP CLI doesn’t solve your problems.

    Ultimately, this plugin is pretty terrible. Just look at the other reviews. If it doesn’t work on the first few attempts I wouldn’t waste more time on it. You can use the WooCommerce MailChimp plugin to add new customers. It’s really too bad because the promised functionality would be awesome.

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  • Plugin Author ryanhungate


    @sigdigm sorry to hear you’re having issues – but I’m sure we can get to the bottom of it. When the plugin has stopped syncing midway through – that tells me that you’re probably on a shared hosting environment using a shared IP address and getting rate limited by the API gateway.

    This is something that we’re working on but unfortunately the rate limiting is a little tricky in the current plugin state – we’re working on a solution for this right now in our next development cycle.

    There might be an easy solution for you to grab a dedicated IP address from your host, that way all the traffic is originating from you alone. Do you know if you’re using a dedicated IP address right now? Or are you using a shared hosting? Also – who is your current host?

    If I could talk on each point you made above that might help:

    1. Namespaced tables – we do have a “carts” table and the 2 tables for the queue, which have been used since day 1 – so I wouldn’t call that a bug, but we will certainly take that into consideration.

    2. The plugin throwing API errors – can you please be more specific? Did you get a log of these errors? Did they go away once your sync started at some point? Any details you have would be helpful to give an answer.

    3. The Plugin stopping during the sync – that’s something that we’ve seen unfortunately while using a shared IP address. Switching to a dedicated IP address would be recommended if you’re not currently using one. Can you provide a basic rundown of the number of products and orders you have in your store? We would just want to know if it’s hundreds of thousands or more vs. a smaller store… the more info the better.

    4. The WP CLI instructions are certainly something we can get better at – but as you had pointed out – having someone who was familiar with this was the right way to go. It is more of an advanced setup that a lot of folks are not using just yet and that’s understandable. We will work to provide better instructions for folks that need to set it up from scratch.

    Let’s try to answer some of these few questions first – we’ll be glad to get this squared away for you.

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