• I had tried this plugin a few months back but ended up going with a plugin that integrates osTicket. I decided to try it again as I would really prefer a helpdesk that’s native to WordPress.

    I created a sample ticket. After creation it took me to:


    Hello World was the subject of the support ticket. All I ended up getting was an error from WordPress telling me that this page doesn’t exist. I went to the Admin side of WordPress. I noticed that the ticket was created. I clicked to view the ticket. Once again, the same error that the page or post wasn’t found. I also noticed that there was a ticket that I had created during the first install. It seems as if the plugin does a poor job of cleaning up when you uninstall it.

    Another issue is that it seems as if all the plugin is doing is creating a post. I was hoping for a system where you can actually reply to tickets like a normal helpdesk.

    This plugin is too buggy. I had only tried the free version. If it actually worked properly, I would have no issues with paying for a premium version. Unfortunately, there’s much work to be done before I could consider this to be stable enough for use on a live site. After uninstalling, I’ll have to comb through my database using phpMyAdmin for any orphan tables. I have a feeling I’ll be having to manually clean up behind this plugin.

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  • Plugin Contributor NickDuncan


    Hi Swamparoo

    Thanks for trying our plugin.

    1) The plugin creates custom post types as tickets. Within the EDIT page of that post you can respond to tickets. This means that users can submit tickets on the front end of your site, and you can edit and respond to them in the back end under the “Support Tickets” page.

    2) If the page cannot be found there could be an issue with your permalinks. Please go to Settings->Permalinks and press the Save button without changing anything. Does this help?

    3) There isnt much to clean up. It uses the native WordPress functionality to create tickets in the form of posts. We do not create any other tables.

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    I went to permalinks and clicked the save button. I then went back to All Tickets and clicked View under the ticker in question. I have noticed, though, that it says the ticker is pending approval. I don’t see any setting where I can set it to automatically approve submissions.

    As for the creating of any other tables.. My issue is that when uninstalling, it still leaves the tickets in the database instead of deleting them.

    Plugin Contributor NickDuncan


    Hi Swamparoo

    OK in that case I’ll work on an option that allows you to delete all existing tickets and have this button in the settings page.

    All tickets need to be approved by you before going “live”. To do this, click on “edit” in the ticket list page, then select “Open” in the ticket status drop down – top right of the page.

    In future, please try get in touch with support before leaving a one star review – it’s only fair.

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